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Energy products are critical to the daily lives of everybody. Energy powers communication channels all over the world, fuels transportation, and helps people produce food. An  increasing number of people will be gaining access to energy products and enjoy a higher standard of living in the coming years. However, this increase in the demand for energy will place more pressure on the resources in the world, such as food, fresh water, and energy. Another serious concern is climate change. These are only some of the reasons that it is necessary that we develop clean energy products.

By the year 2050 in is anticipated that over 9 billion people will be living on Earth. This is 7 billion more people than are living on earth today. Much of this growth will be absorbed by the fast growing cities of Asia, as every three out of four people will be living in urban centers. There will be billions of people rising from energy poverty. The use of clean energy will continue to increase because more people will be purchasing products such as their first vehicle, computer, or refrigerator with living standards improving for many all over the world. The total demand for energy products globally may double by from its current level in 2050.

In the coming decades, many different sources will be required to supply this critical  clean energy. In the year 2050 as much as 30% of the world’s energy mix might be available from renewable energy sources with nuclear energy and fossil fuels providing the rest. Concurrent Design is teaching consumers how to use energy more efficiently and finding  ways to provide clean products of energy. 

As a result the development of emerging economies and the improved standards of living, the demand for clean energy worldwide continues to increase and may double by the year 2050.Many of the supplies of gas and oil products that are remaining in the world are located in difficult to locate places such as the frozen Arctic and under deep under the oceans. In order to assist people with making the most from the current resources and operate under difficult conditions, Concurrent Design is using new technology. 

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Such measures as reusing waste products and protecting wildlife is helping to reduce the impact on the environment in local communities through advanced technology. We must also find ways to increase energy efficiency.

The demand for clean energy is being driven by economic development and growth in the population. Fossils fuels will meet most of this demand, although all sources of energy products will be required. In order to prevent serious climate change, the emission of CO2 has to be reduced. Industry and the government will have to work together in order to manage CO2..  All CO2, reducing technologies should be encouraged and that will require government action for an international framework that places a price on CO2.  The  best way to ensure a sustainable a future of clean energy products is to concentrate on energy efficiency, and energy products such as carbon capture and storage, bio fuels, and natural gas.

Another way to develop clean energy products is with wind power. Wind power turbines are reliable, robust and extremely efficient. There are wind power service teams who are  dedicated to maintaining these wind turbines so that they run optimally during their whole lifecycle.

The conversion of thermal power to electricity in  a solar thermal power plant is very similar to a standard power plant is another way to produce clean energy products. In this kind of power plant,  the source of energy is sunlight, in which parabolic mirrors are used to focus the sunlight onto solar receivers that are located in the parabola’s focal line. The whole parabola will move in order to increase the amount of solar energy that is collected by tracking the sun. For a heat transfer medium, usually a synthetic oil will flow in the receivers. This synthetic oil is heated and the energy is transferred to water by means of a heat exchanger. The resultant steam can then be in a steam turbine generator to generate electricity.

Solar energy product design Click for Concurrent Design

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