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pyrocoolPyrocool is the only Fire Fighting Product to receive the (EPA) Environmental Protection Agency's prestigious
Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award !

International Test Facilities Reports are available upon request.

A 12 can case of Pyrocool Aerosols weighs approx. 14 lbs. Shelf life of the Aerosols:In excess of 4 years + Dated cans.
Our Aerosols are rustproof, non-poisonous and non-corrosive. OK per: OSHA, EPA, DOT: Non Hazmat, Non Carcinogenic.

PYROCOOL AEROSOLS are guaranteed for 3 YEARS after date of purchase by retail end-users.
{Save sales receipt to return with empty can for exchange}.

Pyrocool Aerosol: The same foam used so successfully in Airport, Marine, Refinery, Gasoline & Galley grease fires!
Pyrocool extinguishes small fires in SECONDS not minutes and can be operated in any position (even upside down).

International & all USA Certifications:available upon request.

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Pyrocool Aerosols - 1 Case of 12 Aerosols: $299.40 / MSRP $24.95 per aerosol can.
U.S. Power Squadrons & U.S.A. Military: LESS 50% = Net Factory Direct per case: $149.70
(Continental USA Prepaid Delivery & Insurance $19.00 per 12 can case).
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