Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

  • How do I get started marketing my business on the Web?

    You have already done that by looking into it! Once deciding on which Host Site / Website Designer to use, and checking their references (very important) you have completed step #1 of the process.

  • Is it expensive to have a Website set up?

    The answer to this depends on what you need, what functionalities you want and what your expectations are. Sure, you can have all the wiz-bang goodies if you want to pay for them, but for most commercial websites we believe that this just is NOT needed. Tell people who you are, what you do, what you can do for them, give them some helpful information and as many ways to contact you as possible. If you do this using user-friendly navigation, in a non-boring manner, with some color and a professional layout it will normally do the job for you. A professional first impression is the main ingredient here from a prospective client’s viewpoint. We have found that the K.I.S.S. principal works very well in most instances on the web. Examples of your products or services and legitimate testimonials are also very helpful to prospects. Sure, things are not as inexpensive now as they were in the past due to changes on the Internet, but it is still MUCH cheaper to do things right on the net than a traditional brick-and-mortar business. Asking this question is like asking “how much does a car cost”.  Each case is different. In most cases you do NOT want to base your decision on how cheap you can get it. Also, having someone create a website for you that is not doing this successfully for a living AND getting good results for their clients, can be a real time wasting experience for you.

  • Is it practical to hire a Web Page Designer based in another state to construct your web pages?

    The short answer to this is YES…but only if you have checked out the designer(s) and found them to be responsive, ethical, honest and most importantly – knowledgeable in the BUSINESS applications for websites. A GOOD designer knows that it requires more than just good looks to make your website work for you and be acceptable to the Search Engines, etc. SEO issues are best incorporated into the design of a site rather than added after the fact. This is NOT something most designers understand or have the tools and information to properly implement. Here at Ad Wizards we DO understand this and have the knowledge to go with it.

  • What services does Ad Wizards have available for their clients?

    Ad Wizards can provide any of the following services:

    Web Page and Website Hosting
    Website Design &, Creation
    Text creation – We have professional copywriters available for a fee.
    Domain Name registration
    Domain Management – Your domain – we take care of the work
    Search Engine Optimization and Ranking services as well as submissions to the primary search engines.
    Directory listings on Ad Wizards’ website
    Blogs – we install it, you manage it
    Fast, Efficient, HONEST, Friendly and Professional Service
    Secure Forms for Transactions
    Custom Forms Scripting
    Custom MySQL Databases

  • Why should I host my site with Ad Wizards?

    It is common knowledge that in the business world there are many unethical people and companies…and the anonymity of the Internet and computers has enabled them to flourish on the Net. Hosting companies are no exception. There are good one and many bad ones. Most of our clients have no problem being a reference for us…contact them or ask and we will supply you with some names, phone numbers and email addresses. Our cloud based web servers utilize redundant backbone connections to the Internet with automated backup generators as well as UPS backup power to assure you that your clients can get into your site quickly and to maximize up time.

  • How will people find my Website?

    In a variety of ways. Primarily through Search Engines and Directories… but by other means as well. Marketing your business on the Internet should be a cooperative and ongoing effort. Ad Wizards will place you in our business directory, submit your site to Google, Yahoo! & Bing. You need to place your URL (the address of your Home Page) as well as your email address (if you have one), on any printed material you use and on any other advertising media, radio spots etc. People also will find you by word-of-mouth, on your social media pages or coming into one of our other client’s pages and then decide to browse our business directory. Additionally we offer premium website RANKING services to accomplish high Search Engine Ranking Positions in Google. We have many happy clients to prove it!

    Contact us for more information on Search Engine Ranking services.

  • Do I need to have a computer to take advantage of marketing on the Internet?

    Not with Ad Wizards! It does make it easier of course, but we can assist you in the beginning by handling your inquiries for you. We will have all responses to your website directed to us and upon receipt, we will print them out and email or Fax them to you for action. All you need to have is an email account or a  Fax machine. When you get “online” and feel comfortable enough to handle your email and leads yourself, we will merely re-direct the traffic to you. In most cases this is a low cost, affordable service for our clients.

  • Who is Ad Wizards?

    Ad Wizards was founded by Don Allen formerly of Austin, Texas and now residing in Burnet, TX. Don comes with over 50 years of experience in sales, marketing and customer service in various industries. After spending approx. 2 years learning the ropes of using computers in sales and marketing on the Internet vs. traditional business, and then learning to design and create web pages…Don left the company he had previously contracted his services and clients with and started Ad Wizards. Don felt that if a company offered great customer service, combined with an understanding of the goals of marketing on the web in an HONEST atmosphere, it would eventually thrive. This attitude towards the importance of customer service etc. proved itself correct in a very short period of time! Ad Wizards currently has a number of professionals we work with that keep things moving in a timely fashion…from graphic artists, to website designers, programmers and SEO professionals.

  • How long has Ad Wizards been in business?

    Ad Wizards was officially founded in 1996 in Austin, Texas but was operating under a different name since 1994. Don and his people have many, many years of combined experience in the creation, design, marketing and maintenance of websites on the Internet. Ad Wizards encourages you to contact some of our many clients for references. We will be happy to provide you a list of phone numbers and email addresses to make this easier for you.

  • What results are Ad Wizards clients getting?

    Many of Ad Wizards’ clients receive a phenomenal number of inquiries and leads. Because of the variety of businesses hosted by Ad Wizards, results do vary. The Internet is best used as an additional tool in your overall marketing “bag”, as opposed to the sole method you use to market your products or services (with some exceptions of course). In most cases, it takes several months before a business new to the web sees any substantial traffic. Usually this is due to the time lag between Search Engine submissions and when they are actually accepted and indexed into the databases and then popularity metrics being established (usually by using a back linking and citations campaign). Patience and persistence is the key here. Everyone wants the same thing: be found on page 1 and be #1 on that page. Reality shows that to accomplish this is not something for the faint of heart. It takes time, money and expertise to rank a site well in Google. We know how! Half the battle is getting ranked, then staying ranked is the challenge. Ranking a website is a marathon not a sprint. Simply submitting your website to the search engines is just not enough anymore. Content rules so simple, super small websites rarely stand a chance any more.

  • Who will do my Search Engine submissions?

    We will. We include search engine submissions service as part of what we do when we create a new website for a client. For best results we highly recommend our Advanced Link Management Services for incredible search engine ranking results. Contact us for more information.

  • Can I have my own Domain Name?

    Absolutely! There are a number of ways this can be accomplished and cost depends on your particular needs. The cost for the domain name registration, is currently $25.00 per year for most variations. There are cheaper sources around, but it is MUCH easier and ultimately less expensive if you allow Ad Wizards to register the domain name of your choice for you. We only charge our clients a few dollars for this service. These charges apply only to the registration of your domain name, and not the actual USE of it which will incur additional costs depending on what you need.

  • Can I get a “hit counter” on my page?

    Yes you can get a “hit counter” for your website. Ad Wizards will add the Google Analytics Code to all the pages on your website if hosted with us. Then we will grant you access to all the metrics and information that this will make available to you.

  • How long does it take before I can see my website on the web?

    Once we have received your check or credit card payment, signed agreement, text copy, and any specific images you want included in the website design (if any), generally we have an initial rough draft for you to review within 2 weeks or less, depending on work load. Once the homepage, navigation and general design is finished and approved, assuming we have the content needed to complete the site, we can have it done within a week or two normally with continuity of design.